Wednesday 26 August 2015

Butterfly Painting: update four

I have done further work to the new painting.

I have tightened up the painting of the Peacock butterfly, using Cadmium Orange and Lemon Yellow.
I have also done more work to the landscape, working into the detail with Burnt Sienna, Indian Red, Titanium White, Coeruleum Blue , Ultramarine and Lemon Yellow.

It now looks like this

I think that the under painting is nearly complete.

At this stage (and often at subsequent stages) I will leave the painting to dry and will ‘live with it’ for a while, spending a bit of time looking at it, until it tells me what needs doing.

There are usually a few bits that need tweaking, but I have to put a bit of distance between me and the picture before they become apparent. It is very easy to get too close to a picture and miss things.

Until next time


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