Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Making 'Dastardly in Motley' :Part One


In 2005, ten years since it had last been in the UK, the Science Fiction Worldcon came to Glasgow.

I had stage-managed a costume set for my friend Miki Dennis at the 1995 Worldcon and had been given a Best Presentation award. I had  also won awards at British Costume Conventions and Eastercons, but I had never entered one of my own costumes in a Worldcon masquerade.

I had, however, been working on this costume for about six months and, whilst I was well aware that group entries won more awards at Worldcons, I decided I would enter it anyway.

The entry was based on the Jack of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland and I decided to call it ‘Dastardly in Motley’.
 (photo by Paul Holroyd. Used with permission)

I was awarded Best in Class (Journeyman) and must now compete as a Master.

Over the next few weeks I will be showing parts of the process I went through to make this costume.

In part two, I will talk about the concept and design.


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