Sunday, 17 May 2020

Stamp design


Here is an extra post for this week...

When I was at school, the National Army Museum in Chelsea used to run summer events.

I was able to go to these from the age of 8, which soon gave me confidence in navigating the Undergound on my own.

The museum showed films and ran lectures and presentations. It also had occasional competitions

I found this piece in one of my porfolios. .

 I was in the upper end of the 14 to 18 category and I note that I won first prize for this, but cannot remember what that prize was (probably a booktoken).

I used to collect  British stamps ( I gave up the hobby about 10 years ago, but still have my collection) and I think that this design stands up quite well compared to many I have seen.

Here is a close up of the stamp design.

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