Saturday 18 May 2024

Judge Declan 1


I have been working on a strip version of my adult comic Bright Judges.

This will, eventually be posted in The Garden of Dubious Delights ( there is a link a the base of Gay Art page of my main website -for those who like that sort of thing) 

The action takes place in a alternate reality very loosely based on the Mega City One Universe.  

The concept is inspired by the Dark Judges stories, where Judges from a warped dimension where life is a crime cross into the Mega City dimension and cause havoc. They were Judges Death, Fear , Fire and Mortis , along with two female character called Judges Phobia and Nausea

Well, if you can have a dimension where life is a crime, you can have one where sex is the law. I therefore came up up with the Bright Judges: Judges Sex, Love, Lust and Leather and two female Judges Fantasy and Ecstasy.

I have already completed one story, where Judge Alvin and a citizen encounter Judge Lust.

For this new story, the protagonist this time is Judge Declan, who gets a little tied up when he meets Judge Leather.

This story will black and white, but I thought I should do a cover picture, so have done some compute art, 

This is the first variant of this. Many further variants will be posted later.

Until next time


Wednesday 15 May 2024

Regency Stock 2


Having cut out the pieces of my regency stock , I started to make it up.

First, I loosely box-pleated the facing to the back. I wanted to simulated the first turns of a cravat.

Next, I sewed the folds down and made up the buckle tab and strap.

I then machine sewed the tab and strap to the front of the stock and hand finished the back.

Finally, I carefully marked and eased open the holes for the buckle studs and whip-stitched them open.

Here is a picture of the completed stock and a close up of the buckle end

It fits me ( without being too tight) and I have also experimented with tying a cravat over it.

This achieves a fuller, more pleasing effect.

Another successful project completed...

Until next time


Thursday 9 May 2024

Regency Stock 1


I am going to be attending a Regency Ball, for which I will be wearing Ball Dress for the 18th Hussars.

For a Ball I would usually be wearing a cravat, but, as the Hussar Dress buttons at the collar, there is not room for a cravat.

Thus, I need a stock.

Luckily, I hard already bought a stock buckle

This has three studs that attach to the stock through round holes. The buckle can then be removed when the stock need laundering.

Next I found pictures and patterns on line and calculated the stock's dimensions. This included making a newspaper strip to check the length.

With Teddy's help, I cut out the backing, facing, buckle tab and strap. I decided to make the facing three times the width of the backing to give the stock a reasonable fullness.

Here are close-up pictures of the tab and strap pieces open (cut to a fold)

and folded

I will post later on making it up.

Until next time


Wednesday 8 May 2024



I do not often post about food and drink.

However, when I observed this pleasing image in my morning coffee, I felt it was justified.

It looks just like a fish turning away from the viewer...

Until next time


Saturday 4 May 2024

Cryptofauna 5


Here are two more creatures from the display case

This the Lesser Azurewing

and this is the Shieldhead

Until next time


Wednesday 1 May 2024

Working on new painting


I have done some more work to the new painting.

It now looks like this

I have tightened up the splash, added more daffodils, worked on the foreground flowers and created an earth bank at the base of the tree mound.

Until next time


Saturday 27 April 2024

Cryptofauna 4


Here is a sprite from the display case

This is the Green Fairae

Until next time