Wednesday 17 July 2024

Guards Steampunk 6


Having finished the cuffs and the epaulettes, I turned my attention to the officer's waist sash.

I had previously acquired an antique waist sash, which was, sadly, missing the cover piece  which normally hides the adjustable leather strap.

I , therefore decided to make my own cover piece and (after some research) determined that this should be shaped like a bow.

I adjusted the sash to fit  and measured the gap.

Luckily I had some belt strapping that I previously bought that was the same width as the sash.

I cut this into a piece for the bow and a piece to make two tails.

I then flat covered both pieces in black wool closing with herring bone stitch.

I had several different widths of the same gold lace pattern as the original , but not the right one.

I managed to find it on line and ordered two metres- which I was sure would be enough for the project.

I added three line of gold lace to the bow section...

and found this alone was only just shy of two metres. I hastily order four more metres.

The original sash showed a thin piping of red wool on the edges of the gold lace, but I opted to edge it with red Russia braid, which I initially tried to machine sew.

Unfortunately, this proved very difficult to do accurately and the Russia braid did not take well to unpicking. Thus I ended up hand sewing it on, which required patience- and a thimble.

I will post more anon.

Until next time


Saturday 13 July 2024

Judge Declan 9


The judge is down to his undies...

-But he has more trials to come...

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Wednesday 10 July 2024

Guards Steampunk 5


I have continued to work on the epaulettes of the steampunked Irish Guards uniform.

I completed sewing on the gold lace, but left the outer edge of the curve unsewn.

Next, I used my brass spike to make holes for the rank badges, which are held on with split pins.

You will note that I opted for the rank of Captain.

Then I carefully doubled over lengths of bullion fringing and hand sewed the two layers together, before hand sewing them onto the epaulettes.

I then tried them out on the tunic to see how they sat.

Next , I sewed down the last of the gold lace and sewed a flexible gold braid over the curve.

Finally, I cut pieces of black felt and , removing the rank badges,glued them to the underside of the epaulettes.

I whip stitched round the edges then pierced the holes for the rank badges with my spike and replaced them.

The epaulettes are now complete.

I still have some work to do on the uniform and will post more later.

Until next time


Saturday 6 July 2024

Judge Declan 8


Here is another version of this computer art

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Wednesday 3 July 2024

Guards Steampunk 4


Having finished the cuffs, I now moved on to the epaulettes.

I decided that I would not reproduce the wing epaulettes of the original uniform.

I measured the epaulettes of my Scots Guards tunic and the epaulettes I bought for my Napoleonic Line Officer tunic.

I decided that I did not want the epaulettes to be as rigid as the Napoleonic ones, so opted to only stiffen them with one layer of canvas.

Once I had sewn the wool to the canvas, I measured the position and length of the button hole, cut it and button-hole stitched the raw edges.

I then hand sewed the  wool tape round the button hole.

Next  I hand sewed the edging of gold lace. This required me to hand pleat the lace round the end curve of the epaulette.

I will post more later.

Until next time


Saturday 29 June 2024

Judge Declan 7


Here is another version of this computer art.

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Wednesday 26 June 2024

Guards Steampunk 3


I have finished working on the cuffs of my Irish Guards tunic.

First , I ladder stitched the button flap onto the cuff and sleeve outer layer .

This also involved ladder stitching a section of the outer sleeve seam.

I them turned the sleeve through and hand closed the lining.

Finally, I used my brass point to open holes within the false buttonholes and sewed on the small buttons that came with the tunic. I had to replace one that had got lost, but found a small Irish Guards button of the same size. As this was a 'gold' stay-bright, I opted to group three and one.

Now the cuffs are complete, I will move on to working on the epaulettes.

Until next time