Wednesday, 20 May 2015

New Painting


I have recently this small painting on steampunk theme, which I have called  'The Countess'.

(Acyrlic on board)

As usual , I have used a found image as the inspiration for the work. I go through newspapers and magazines and keep any imagery that sparks an interest in me. This can be anything from pictures of people to landscapes, insects, flora and fauna. I then adapt these in my work.

I am continuing to use an airbrush for these smaller acrylics and am refining my technique. It is proving very versatile in allowing subtle gradations of colour, but I am still finding it necessary to sharpen the image with brushwork, even with the use of acetate masks.

I always strive to make any new painting better than the one before and am quite happy how this one has come out.

Till next time


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